How to buy a car and get a good deal

How to: Buy A Car Step 1: Find a car that you like Step number one is finding a car that you like. Try to do that away from the distractions and the pressures of the dealership. Do that at home. Go to web sites like,, Consumer Report, things like that. Narrow it down so that once you get to the dealership you know what you want and you can proceed to the next step, which is… Step 2: Go at the end of the month Before you even arrive at the dealership, make sure that you get to the dealership on a day when the traffic is slower. Maybe towards the end of the month or on a rainy day. Basically, when traffic is slow you’ll get better service and they’ll be more motivated to give you a better deal. Step 3: Negotiating a price Now, you’ve got to negotiate a price. The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid focusing on monthly payments and worry more about the bottom-line on the total price. If you focus on the monthly payments too much, which is what the dealer will want to do, it will be too easy for them to sneak in an add-ons that you don’t want. So, bottom-line, price first. *Negotiating Tip: Have the invoice price handy.* So, about that price: basically, you want to have as your starting point the dealer’s invoice price or their cost. And then you want to negotiate from that point upwards versus from sticker downwards. *Negotiating Tip: Ask about rebates.* Now, don’t forget to have the dealer factor in any and all rebates that apply to you. So far
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44 thoughts on “How to buy a car and get a good deal”

  1. Never buy a car in the rain!!! Water beads on the body of the car will hide all the things you want to see, scratches, small dents, poorly repaired cars etc etc

  2. OK..good advice…i sell cars for a living and i have a pretty good book of repeat and referral business…the bottom line…coming from an insider is “be nice”…and be thing that ruins a car deal more often is an ignorant buyer that thinks they know your homework and try to find an experienced salesperson…its a little work on your end but try to find the guy/gal thats in it for the long haul. it does matter!!

  3. I am 21. i have no credit established. i want to buy a 12000 car. my first car was 2000 dollars cash, then drove it until now. I want to establish credit and buy the car of my dreams. i have 6,000 saved for a down payment but no idea how to go about it and HONESTLY im scared of salesmen tricking me to make me pay lots more. IDKmuch about financing or credit. i just know i have no credit, clean drive record and a big downn payment.CAN SOMEONEhelp me better understand the best way to go about this

  4. @MelkorHimself Agreed. They do deserve to be compensated fairly. I dont know about you, but there are a lot of bad car salesmen that will lie and lie just to make money, resulting is a really shitty car sometimes. The salesmen I’ve met BANK, and I mean BANK! they make plenty of money. btw I wish we had 6%…. I pay 8.25%.

  5. @bacaboi The point is that the profit a dealer asks for a car is minute compared to how much you spend in profit on everything else in your life. Plus, let’s say the sales tax in your area is 6%. That 6% goes to the state automatically, and they’re not even in the car business. The dealership inspects the car, details it, pays advertising for it, and makes sure to maintain it after the sale. They deserve at least that much for what they do.

  6. @MelkorHimself I see your point! I do not fit this category though! yay! I buy my clothes only when on sale or mainly at the stores that sell name brand really cheap. Food and entertainment is either free or discounted most of the time(very little eating out). I work for my money and am currently in college. I love MY money and want to keep as much of it! I WILL negotiate the price when buying a car/garage sales/ things of that sort.

  7. @hopperflowers have you trid a website carshen dot com ??? i guess its a site where you can post what car you want and local dealers will bid for price quotes for you i believe you can also make counter offers as well and trade ins its pretty cool and cheap

  8. You people will tip your servers and delivery drivers 15-20%. You will buy clothes, entertainment systems, electronics, and even food that represent hundreds to thousands of percent markup. Most people replace their cars every 5-10 years, and in that period people will spend approximately $100 000 – 200 000 in markup alone. After spending all that money just in markup, you go to a dealership where they ask for 5-10% markup, and somehow they’re the thieves. Makes perfect sense. -__-

  9. check out my research on bad cars with FRAME DAMAGE. And remember you always need to do an Autocheck, never carfax it’s JUNK

  10. I always say frustrate the dealer. The more grief you cause him the mire he is likely to just cave in and give you what you what you want. Never tell the dealer you have a trade. Negotiate the price, shake hands. They will go prep the car. When they return to complete the deal say you can’t manage 2 payments then say you have a trade. Then watch his face. PRICELESS!!!!

  11. @ZapposHowTo i disagree. if a down payment was made (your hard earned money), you either do persist, pursue and not quit until you get you rmoney back or get the car

  12. @salsero4U2 Actually, the “dealer doc fees” or “Processing Fee” goes to paying the bills and NOT the people involved in the deal. The dealership not only has the usual bills, like electric and water, but they pay taxes on every single car on the lot. The “dealer doc fees” help pay them so the dealership can stay in business. Every dealership is different in the amount because there is no set amount they can charge. They are allowed by LAW to do so. Happy shopping.

  13. Without knowing the details of the agreement you made, the dealers actions is probably not legal. However this is a common occurrence as they know few people will put up a fight. Im assuming your loss is only the opportunity to buy your chosen car and not your down payment. If so, it may be best to simply move on to another dealer. In the current environment there should be an abundance of dealers willing to give better service in order to earn your business. Good luck.

  14. If I put half the money down on a car, can that person or dealership sell the car to someone else legally even if it is down in righting??? That happened to me, what can I do about it??

  15. Youll want to visit the major car buying websites. They will have updated invoice information and you can use that to keep the dealers honest (Edmunds and kbb). Please refer to the bottom of the description for these links.

  16. HOw do we know what the invoice price is? I feel like if I asked to see the invoice price they’d come up with some bogus price/invoice… any tips on getting an autentic invoice price?

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  19. Thanks jameswsa great video well pitched with just enough information as not to confuse the newvbie. Cheers

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  21. I’ve written an article and posted it on my site. Can I submit that to EzineArticles as it is? Or does it have to be something different to what’s on my site? Thanks

  22. James your videos are nicely detailed and easy to understand thanks

    Michele Price
    The EFT Marketer

  23. Great Video James. Lots of excellent information and very well detailed for anyone to understand.

    Geronimo Rubio – Mentor

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