UPVC Doors – Turn Down The Heat

Fitting a UPVC door to your home could not only make your home more beautiful, but it could save you money. UPVC doors are one answer to cutting down on heating charges, so consider these for your external doors.

There’s a lot of talk in the news about the rising cost of domestic fuel. When gas prices increase, so do your heating bills and most exterior doors won’t do a thing to help your pocket. In many cases exterior doors are not well insulated and heat escapes which means that your central heating has to work harder to keep you warm in the winter. It also means that you can end up paying through the nose for the basic human right of warmth and shelter. But it doesn’t have to be that way and that’s where UPVC doors can help you.

PVC doors will help you to reduce heat loss, just as vinyl windows do. Vinyl external doors are among the popular home improvement projects for that very reason. Just as with double glazed windows (called double glass windows in some regions) the doors have a central membrane between two panes of glass to provide the insulation. This membrane can be of varying widths and thicknesses according to the amount of insulation required. When you remodel it is definitely worth considering a UPVC door. Along with windows they will help you to keep your home warmer and your central heating will work more efficiently, saving you money.

When it comes to exterior doors PVCU is one of the best materials you could choose. It has several advantages. PVC doors will resist weathering. Unlike wooden doors that will soon lose their sheen, UPVC doors will look as good as they day they were installed for years. Wooden doors and windows often need to be sanded and repainted within a couple of years. This is a messy and time consuming job. In contrast, if your external doors are made of vinyl then all you will need to do to maintain them is wash and wipe with some soap and a soft cloth.

One of the issues that some people have with a UPVC door is its traditional white plastic finish. While many people like the pristine white sheen, there are those who prefer a more traditional look. If you prefer the look of wood, but would rather avoid the mess and the maintenance, then you should know that white is not the only finish available for your exterior doors. These days you can install vinyl doors and windows with a wood like finish. Both light and dark wood effects are available, according to preference.

It is also easy to decorate your UPVC doors according to taste, by including such features as decorative stained glass panels. These can be attractive and can also be used to let light in. If stained glass is not to your taste, then you can simple put plain or frosted glass in your UPVC door so that you can see out – it’s a great alternative to a peephole. Finally, you should also consider putting glass strips alongside your external doors to light a dark hallway.


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