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Improving your home is a great satisfaction and deserves to be considered more often than it is in reality. A home improvement loan is the ideal solution, since you will be using equity from your home to back up the loan as well as adding equity to the current value of the house, or at least that’s what it should be. Let us see what improvements will really add value.

Naturally, The Aspect
Whether it is the front view or the interior, the aspect of a home has a direct effect on its value. The major difference lies in the additions or modifications homeowners make to their property. Renewing the kitchen appliances does not always add value since this is generally done because the old ones are obsolete or worn out.

Air Conditioning
Air conditioning and central heating will be greatly appreciated if, using our common sense, it is really applicable. In places where they are not really needed, they are not relevant to the price. I wouldn’t appreciate air conditioning in the North Pole. Would you?
The features that are really very much appreciated are additions to the covered area of the house, like a garage, a workshop next to the garage or extra bedrooms. A master suite will be something important since it will also add a bathroom. A bay window will add to the value, especially if it enhances the aspect of the façade and wooden decks also contribute to the built area of the house.

The interior can be greatly improved with a good decoration; for example, drapery and carpets. Furniture is not at all relevant, unless you plan to sell and leave the house furnished. In this case it will have to be appraised separately from the house.
Something Inevitable
Structural repairs, unfortunately are not noticed, but mean a lot to the duration of the house in good condition. These, I’m afraid, will not add value, but maintain the original one, instead.
Swimming Pool
This feature is considered as an added value to the home, if the location is in an area with warm climate all the year round and only if it is in ground. Fiberglass pools that are just placed leaning on the ground don’t count. The reason is that they can be easily taken away, whereas “in ground” means actually “built in”.
Extra Storeys
These are very important, but generally not applicable, since the structure of the house would have to be adequate from the very foundations of the building, but certainly an extra storey can add great value to property.
Great Cost
The great cost of major repairs and building extra facilities in a home make it necessary for homeowners to raise an important amount of cash, usually by means of a Home Improvement Loan, using the existing property as security or collateral. The conditions are very favorable since the type of loan is similar to a mortgage, although for a smaller amount. Therefore, the duration of the loan does not need to be as long as for a mortgage.
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We add value to your home.Do you want to increase the value of your home?Do you want to sell your home faster?Do you want to make your home a more comfortable place to live?If you want any of the above  why delay just  contact us now?

Add value to your home our 6 top ways

1 A nice loft conversion with an ensuite could add up to 20% of value to your home and give your family an extra bedroom saving you money so you don,t need to buy a bigger house for your growing family.

2 An extra bathroom or ensuite can also add around 5% to the value of your home and make your home more appealing to buyers.

3 New kitchen can add nearly five per cent to the value of your property and make it appealing to prospective buyers or surveyors.

4 A conservatory can add 5%to the value of your home it is also a very cost effective way to give you more living space and also make your property more saleable

5 New floors skirting boards replastering and painting in neutral colours can add thousands of pounds of value to your home.

6 Pvc double or triple glazed windows and doors can also make your house more saleable and modern.

Selling your Property making that Sale

Selling a Property: Preparing a Property for Viewing
When you are selling a property, you want to make it as appealing as possible to the most number of potential buyers. These tips will help you get a property ready to be seen:
Thoroughly clean the property. Consider hiring a professional cleaning team that knows how to make a property sparkle. Remove clutter. If the property is furnished or occupied, be sure all unnecessary items are stored away. Keep it bright and open. Open the drapes and turn the lights on, even during the day. Keep interior doors open to create the effect of space. Stage the property with non-personal items such as flowers, bowls of fruit, and neutral prints on the walls so that a viewer can picture himself living there. Do not display personal photographs or items. This could make a viewer feel like an intruder and make it hard for him to see himself living there. Eliminate any unpleasant odours. Give the property a thorough “sniff test” and correct any problems that might be generating an offensive smell. Add an appealing fragrance. Try baking bread, heating almonds gently in the oven, or dabbing a bit of vanilla extract on light bulbs (the aroma releases when the bulb is turned on). Fresh flowers can also add a nice scent to the property. Consider soft background music to mask outside noises. Pay special attention to the entrance and front hall. This is what your viewers see first, so be sure it makes the best impression possible. Make the garden as neat and attractive as possible. Keep the lawn mowed, the beds weeded, and the shrubs trimmed. Paint or replace fences and put away all toys and garden clutter. Finally, remember that you are part of the viewing experience. Dress neatly in a smart but relaxed outfit that will blend with whatever your prospective buyers might wear, from jeans to suits. Know the property thoroughly so you are prepared to answer any question you might be asked with honesty, confidence, and enthusiasm. Be friendly but not overly-so and ask questions so that you can establish a rapport with the viewers. Creating a favorable impression and pleasant experience will make it much easier to close the sale.

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