Asthma-Stress Relief Series-How does stress affects Asthma

Asthma-Stress Relief Series-How does stress affects Asthma


How Does Stress Affect Health

Understanding the effects of stress on the body is important because stress is a strong trigger for asthmatic episodes. Holistic health and wellness principles about the causes of asthma can help you deal with and transform underlying factors that are in your control.

If you experience asthmatic episodes, you may find the following how does stress affect health highlights helpful as you seek to maximise your body, mind and spiritual wellness.

Personal Values Beliefs Causes of Asthma

Some possible dimensions of health and wellness causes of asthma include:

** fear of being alive

** fear of what is required to remain alive or to be successful in life

** deep feelings of grief, sadness, loss and depression

** not feeling worthy enough to breathe or take up space

** inability to fully express these deep, often long-standing feelings

Louise Hay Affirmations, ‘Heal Your Body’ – Asthma

“It is safe now for me to take charge of my own life. I choose to be free.”

Dimensions of Health and Wellness Pointers

*** Take Regular Deep Breathing Vibratory Stress Relief Mini-Breaks Daily: Consistently use alongside your traditional medical asthma management program. Deep breathing:

– Physically flushes out old air and refills with fresh, new clean air, symbolic of the need to let go old beliefs, fears and old, limiting patterns of thinking and feeling

– Helps you stay connected to your heart center, the communication portal between your personality self, your Soul, your Guardian Angels and Life Itself

– Allows you to practice listening to and accessing your intuitive knowingness. It is this deep inner awareness and wisdom that will guide you to help heal old, limiting beliefs, feelings and thoughts of fear.

*** Write morning pages or journal for 15-20 minutes every day because this:

– Develops your ability to listen to your heart-based intuition

– Helps you to access your inner guidance about what core fears stress you out and trigger your asthmatic episodes

As you learn more about your fears and how to clear the thought and emotional patterns that feed these fears, the source issues dissolve. To help you do just that, attend the live monthly group internet/teleconferences by requesting more information below.

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