Renewable Energy

Solar Power Systems Can Save You a Fortune!

Solar Power Panels can be used to generate electricity from the sunlight. These use batteries to store the energy which is generated from the sun. There is also an inverter that converts DC to AC electricity so that you can run all of your electrical appliances easily. If you install this solar panel onto a trailer then it is actually very cheap to maintain and operate.

You can also install wireless solar power systems, these supply reasonable amounts of electricity to machines if there is a power cut. You can use this with wireless video cameras in order to create a very reliable security system.

Not as difficult to install as you might imagine

Solar panels aren’t actually that difficult to install and get working. They can be used to run any portable video system that can be used for either temporary or permanent installations. These systems can provide use without interference for around 5 days. Solar panels are quite light and easy to install.

Solar power generators are fantastic because they don’t cause any damage to the environment. They can also provide power during power cuts. To get enough energy from your solar panels you need to make sure they are located in an area that will get enough sunlight. You also need batteries in most installations to make sure electricity can also be used at night. This will charge a number of batteries at the same time and is completely waterproof. Because of the waterproof features they are often used in navigation systems.

Industrial Solar Panels

It is also possible to use solar panels for industrial purposes. The load on these panels in this situation would be very variable, sometimes only 12 volts may be required, but other times 48 volts. A system can be installed that charges huge batteries that can provide enough power for most industrial tasks.

When you buy solar panels you will find that they come fully assembled they are already waterproofed and are designed for easy transportation. They come contained in an aluminium frame so that the whole system is lightweight. The batteries are also lightweight and waterproof.

A 400W solar panel can provide up to 12V of DC current, the battery can provide up to 800 Amps per hour. This makes them suitable for phones, and even traffic and road signals.

Solar panels are completely reliable, they’re silent and they’re very easy to operate. You don’t need to use noisy diesel generators to provide power, you can use the sun! Maintenance costs are very low, if not completely free, which makes the power completely free!


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