Cancer Symptoms

Cancer Symptoms


Cancer symptoms and the importance of early detection

Cancer is like a curse for mankind and that too a life threatening one. Cancer will continue to be a monster for us until we are able to detect cancer symptoms in a more definitive manner and are able to find a fail-proof cure for it. So, we are faced with two challenges here – the ability to read/recognise cancer symptoms and the ability to treat cancer in a fail-proof manner. To understand cancer symptoms and the importance of early detection in a better way, let’s first start with understanding what cancer actually is.

What is cancer?

Put simply, cancer is a diseased condition of body which is caused by uncontrolled abnormal growth of cells. This growth might start in one organ and might quickly start spreading to other nearby organs. There are various types of cancer and these are generally named after the body organ where this uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells occurs. So you have breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and many other types of cancer. The cancer symptoms might vary based on what organ they affect.

Importance of early detection of cancer symptoms

Since the cancer cells grow at a fast pace, if you are not able to read cancer symptoms early enough, the cancer might become completely incurable. If the cancer symptoms are diagnosed in the early stages (and if the cancer is localised to just one organ), you might actually be able to get a cure for cancer. So, early detection of cancer symptoms is quite important in determining your chances of survival. Moreover, if the cancer symptoms are not recognised quickly and diagnosis sought, cancer can spread to other organs too (which might make it completely incurable). There are instances where early detection of cancer symptoms lead to complete cure too (e.g. early detection of breast cancer symptoms might make it possible to get a complete cure through surgery that involves removal of cancerous cells).

Pro-active detection of cancer symptoms

Cancer symptoms can be detected at a very stage by being proactive e.g. by going for cancer screening tests that help see the cancer symptoms early enough for curative action to be effective. In fact, too much of a delay could lead to curative action being not possible at all. Most hospitals and clinics stack free cancer symptom detection booklets which you can read to increase your awareness about cancer symptoms and cancer in general.

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