5000th Subscribers Edition of The Sims 3 – House 33 – Contemporaneously Stylin

The link to this house is over here: www.thesims3.com Don’t forget to like, comment, befriend and SUBSCRIBE!!! CHANNEL: www.youtube.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com TWITTER: twitter.com Hello! Welcome to my very happenin’ video edition!!! Judging from the title, I’ve surpassed the 5000 subscriber milestone!!! Thanks to everyone!!!!! XD Much love!!! Also, this is my entry for Chrillsims3’s Competition!!! The lot value for the house is: Furnished 100 Unfurnished 666 So basically, for those that play CityVille, this house is based off of the ‘Stylish Contemporary’ house. Of course, I put my own spin on it. The rules of the competition was to build a fully furnished house under for 000 and without the use of custom content. Seeing as my houses, MINUS furnishing is usually well over 0000, I thought I’d give this challenge a go. And since I’m already anti custom content, that rule was a breeze. When I first finished the house it cost a little over 000, but then the lot value dropped to 110 somehow. I don’t understand how that works but that’s cool. There aren’t any building videos for the house since it’s so small and I didn’t think it was necessary. I tried my best not to use store stuff but it’s too tempting!!! I’m sorry to those that don’t have them any! The song is the instrumental version of Janet Jackson’s ‘Rock With U’ I love how chill out and loungey it is, it goes well with the house… sort of… =] I think that is all for now… next house will

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25 thoughts on “5000th Subscribers Edition of The Sims 3 – House 33 – Contemporaneously Stylin”

  1. @LuigiRules the HQ is really nice, and it runs just fine if you let the video buffer ahead for a few seconds =)

  2. woah! that’s so good for under 50,000! now i know i have no chance of winning this competition! XD

  3. im downloading this one. this is so pretty, i love it 🙂 my friendtried to show me how to do the cam like ur doing in the vid, lol it didnt work for me lol

  4. It feels like I just transported through a dream corridor and was plopped on a house in the clouds….I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It’s very chic and modern with a cute twist in the size. I like the color and that garage is FABULOUS!! 🙂

  5. I like the house’s shape and the interior, but the exterior’s colour just feels wrong, too dark. Anyways you’re surely one of the tops, as usual XD

  6. Much better than slideshows even with choppy framerates! The garage diea is very nice. Keep up the good work!

  7. @browncoat6463
    lol! i was thinking to myself ‘it cant be THAT bad’
    but i hadnt actually watched it properly

    *watches it now*
    ahem, yeah, i might go back to the slideshow next tim

  8. Ok sorry I just have to say this…
    The high quality video is nice, but it is most definitely not worth the chopping an skipping that it causes. Please turn down the quality so I don’t go insane.

    PS good luck with your drafting course 🙂

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