All about Exterior Wall Cladding

The concept of cladding has always been very popular but now there are more options available for it. The outer walls of a house or any other property are always subject to a lot of harsh weather conditions. That means one has to invest time and money into constant renovations. At least, one has to paint it every year to keep the condition like new. However, for various practical purposes, this might not always be possible. Exterior wall cladding is a wonderful solution to this problem. The outer walls of the house can be completely covered in more durable material that are long lasting and resistant to the harshest kind of weather conditions, making constant painting and remodeling unnecessary.

Cladding is now available in a lot many options. One can customize the look of their house based on various designs. For examples, if one has a fascination for wooden houses, they can easily install wooden finish cladding. They have the texture of timber and its grain and coloring. But they are mostly made of vinyl and other polyester blend materials and so they do not crack or corrode under rain and sun like ordinary wood. In this way, home owners can install Italian styled or Oriental style claddings and have a newly designed house without any major remodeling. Those who install claddings come for the measurements and just install them on the outer walls. Once installed, they are good for years to come. Most of them can also be availed in fire proof variety as well, making the house safe and secure.

Claddings are also wonderful for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a temporary setting. The interior walls can be made from fiber and claddings can be installed on the outside, making a home without the hassle of concrete or cement. These claddings require no paints. Also, they are made in such a manner that the interiors remain comfortable at all times. They absorb heat during the summers and keep out the cold in the winters. Moreover, those who are imaginative and do not like monotony can easily change the claddings after a couple of years and install something different, thus remodeling the house all over again. The claddings are installed in such a manner that they keep doors and windows open for relocation. They can be easily cut through and so allow for alterations.

Claddings have great resistance. And so, they are scratch free. Even if there are major frictions, for example a car or a bike grazes the wall etc the installers usually have touch up colors for the purpose. A good quality exterior cladding can last up to forty or fifty years. The only maintenance will be a hose down that would take care of the grime and dirt that may settle in the corners. Hence, if you are building or remodeling a house, this would be a good way to spend the money. By paying a little more initially, one can save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Exterior wall cladding, if used imaginatively, can transform the look of the house completely, without any extra effort.

Author’s Bio: Kevin Matthews is an avid writer. He is settled in Perth, Australia – and owns a construction and 3d design company that builds office, marble installation on floor, bathroom and kitchen design etc. In this piece, he presents a few vital factors about Exterior wall cladding.

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