Brandy – Home Ft. Timbaland

Finally Leaked. Was suppose to be on Shock Value 2 but didn’t make the cut. Song is fire!

Watch how easy it is to replace a ceiling fan in nearly any room in your home. A new fan, or a fan with a light, will help cool your house, add a personal decorative touch and increase your home’s resale value. For more DIY information, visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 thoughts on “Brandy – Home Ft. Timbaland”

  1. Did anyone else the amazing-ness in the beginning of this song? Brandy’s lower register is soo…sooo….omg.

  2. This beat is awesome and while we’re on Sade @stayzhappy this beat has a touch of “Nothing Can Come Between Us” by Sade

  3. @Sydii1
    I dunno man, this track is to wicked. But to be honest it’s to different from all the other tracks on sv2. Sv3 he is going back to his roots so we will hear stuff like this.

  4. Brandy + Tim = FIRE!!! Tim knows what TALENT Brandy has, that’s why they work so well together. Love this track! REAL MUSIC! Can’t wait for her new album!!!

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  6. Uh-hut-hum! Uh, where is your squeeze connector for the Romex? You can’t pull wires through the k/o hole in the electrical box, w/o a connector to prevent the wires from chaffing. This could start a fire, and is a code violation. You guys know better!

  7. @georgeisupset We always recommend that you check with your local codes before doing any type of work. ^April

  8. WHY DID YOU REPLACE IT WITH CRAPTON BAY HUNTINGTON III? The old one is ACTUALLY better than current Crapton Bay.

    Why is the long downrod fan on reverse?

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  10. This is a good instructional with one exception, running a cable through a box knock out without using a cable connector to secure it is violation of the National Electrical Code. It is also a fire hazard.

    I’m truly surprised that Home Depot uploaded this video with such a glaring error.

  11. Cool, I installed my first fan today and feel like I did it correctly except not using the green ground screw on a u-joint. They didn’t show it in this video and that’s how I grounded my fan so I guess I’m good. Now my only question is when on high it wobbles pretty bad? and suggestions? the balance kit doesn’t seem to make a huge difference.

  12. This video was great. I watched it and 2 hours later I was done with a new support brace and ceiling fan in place. Thanks Home Depot!

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