Does my business need to add aluminium stair nosings?

Aluminium stair nosings may not be a safety precaution that immediately spring to mind for businesses, but they are hugely useful for a variety of industries.

They are one of those things that you might not be aware of until they are pointed out to you, but then suddenly you see them everywhere. One of the reasons why you see them everywhere is because they are proven to help prevent accidents when people are climbing or descending a staircase, but there are also building regulations in place that make their installation compulsory in many instances.

It goes without saying that you will want your workplace to be as safe a place as possible, whether you own a car-manufacturing factory, a high-profile nightclub or an independent record shop. The fact is that if you have a staircase at your premises, then you could benefit.


The way that stair nosings work is by providing people with extra grip – often the rest of the step will be made up of a smoother surface – while at the same time making the edge stand out, so that there is more chance people will notice that there is a step there.

In some cases, a contrasting colour will be used to highlight the edge of the stairs, although you can get models that use a reflective surface. An important part of making sure nosings do not cause slips and trips is the way the edge is made up of a polished surface – this means that while the flat section provides grip, the edges do not cause people to catch their foot.

Client facing

Whether you are in a B2B or B2C industry, it is just as important to look after your clients’ safety. Not only could it be hugely embarrassing if a supplier or an important new customer falls over on their way to your office, but they may also consider taking legal action against you. In terms of maintaining client relations, a legal case is certainly not going to create a harmonious bond.

For those industries which are almost wholly client-facing, such as the retail or hospitality sectors, there will often be a huge number of people utilising the space – if there is a chance of someone falling, then the last thing you want is for a lot of people to be around. You could face with a growing list of grievances.


Your clients are not the only people you need to look after when you own a business; you have a duty of care to look after employees too. As well as providing them with a fair wage, you should be aiming to provide a working environment that allows them to do their job to the best of their abilities – part of this means not getting injured!

The kicker is that your nosings will also help look after you; if you have yet to install this safety precaution in your office and you suddenly fall down the stairs, odds are that you will be buying some before the day is out.

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