Gold IRA: Questions To Consider Prior To Adding Gold To Your IRA — 800-642-7167, Two Questions To Consider However Prior To Adding Gold To Your IRA Retirement Portfolio 1. Is there another investment that you know of that has held its value for as long gold has and is on the rise? 2. Are you concerned about the value of your paper assets such as bonds, stocks and mutual funds held in US dollars within your IRA on Wall Street will be there when you retire? Complete your own studies regarding Republic Monetary Exchange at or you can even call them at 877-354-4040 with your questions about how to make gold a part of your retirement account. After you speak to them and have made your decision to invest in gold for your retirement, log on to http or call 505-237-2225 to create your own gold IRA and begin the processes of creating your kingdom for your retirement.

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  1. Wow this is crazy. I watched a YouTube before called “why we are in so much debt”. Extremely informative as to why our country is in such bad shape.

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