The Formula for Negotiating Price Real Estate Investing Deals – After Repaired Value: ARV – The Flip Man ….. The Formula for Negotiating Price Real Estate Investing Deals – After Repaired Value ARV …. ……. makes Flipping Properties simple with a 1 on 1 Mentor- Coach – Trainer, no cash or credit needed. I will teach & mentor you…
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25 thoughts on “The Formula for Negotiating Price Real Estate Investing Deals – After Repaired Value: ARV”

  1. Great tip! it will be useful information for people who are planning to venture with real estate business.

  2. all these things are learned in university, sir

    are you telling me that years of learning, and hundreds of exams, paperworks, lab group works can be trumped by a bunch of videos, who can level uneducated people to shunt years of hard work, frustrations and white nights? OH NO
    this would be injustice in god’s eyes

  3. This is all great in a perfect world but how often do you expect to get a seller to agree on a price of 45,000 when the house is worth 100,000 after repairs…? Id like to hear your ideas of how you do this lol

  4. Actually, the 70% should go down to 60% in most cases in this current foreclosure crazy market

  5. Tyron wow!! exelent information I was having problems how to figured that out .I’m verly stating as a “BIRDDOGing”

  6. Ty is there an assignment fee rule of thumb? that will be acceptable to an Investor?

    say the building is 850,000.00 repairs are 500.000.00 ARV is 1900,000.00

    what rule would I use here? the Seller is willing to hold mortgage at zero interest and payments until rehab is done. I was hoping to talk him down but he recently did some upgrades and this is the new price. He will take lower for an all cash offer though.

  7. I just found a property for 27.000 in NJ and looking for a hard money lender its listed with an agent so I will need it to be a cash deal.

    NJ is really cheap LOL

  8. Got a home in contract in indiana. House needs about 5K in repair (if that) Market Value 58K, need investor will sell for 18K – 25% Good faith –

  9. Nice Vid. I enjoyed it. We market properties and other things on youtube, we hope to create a large network of people interested in making money. Your video gets a five star rating from us. I hope you feel the same about ours.

  10. Great, it’s a great way to make it easy to negotiate when you know what price you gotta have

  11. Man you really have a way of teaching and getting the point across in a clear way.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  12. When I started, “lack of finances” was the reason but I’m glad I started wholesaling houses first because this biz can hand your hat to you really fast if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to retailing and rentals.

    Wholesaling will allow you to make money and learn at the same time. It’s a low risk biz to start making money and you’re in the BLACK on your first deal.

  13. Thank you for answering me. No, nothing new. Why flipping instead of making the whole deal yourself? Lack of finances?!

  14. It’s simply, for whatever reason the owner of a property views it as a problem instead of an asset.

    Examples: Too many repairs, tired of being a landlord, live out of town, NEED QUICK MONEY, divorce, lost of job, medical bills, etc.

    You’re the problem solver and that’s where you make money.


  15. Why should you flip for, let’s say 5.000 when you can make 40.000 if the seller is “smart” enough to sell it for 45.000?!
    This doesn’t make sense.

  16. The value of the property is: 100.000 minus 15.000 = 85.000. Why should a seller accept a lousy 45.000 or even less?! That doesn’t make sense to me.

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