Concrete Overlay Made With European Fan Stencil Design. Beautiful and durable.

We raised the value of the house at least 35K only by improving the look of the driveway. This material (Modified Overlay) is extremely durable and non slipery. Because it is hand made, we are able to create anything the customer desire. Enjoy. StampMyConcrete co.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – BEST STAGING TIP Master Bedroom must appeal to both sexes. Keep bedding and décor in a neutral tone. You want to create a space that is warm and inviting. Allow homeowners to envision themselves relaxing in this space after a long day of work. This is an area of the home that you really want to make a personal connection with homebuyers. . John Mangano used new bedding. The Décor items we used were from the existing home owner. SOLUTIONS. •Added a neutral bedspread. •Accessorized the bed with big throw pillows to add depth. •Bring Nature Inside: we added a fresh bouquet of flowers and added natural artwork. •Tall Table lamp with décor accessories. •Complement green accents in the room and create balance with two identical green bed pillows. •Added a tasteful carpet at the end of the bed to tie in the colors of the room •Steam all fabrics for that polished luxury hotel room feel
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. use it to add some lux touch.if you like to ask mor question about different bedroom like masterbedroom or children room just tell me what are the color you like and the size of your room howmany windows and send me your amail and I will send you all the details with pleasur fell free to ask any question you want and I am always ready to help thankyou – .

  2. and you need two english flower design mug to keep some pink english roses some story book for the guest to read and some magazine and you need abig mirror and some nice painting in nice antique frame if possible and simple lace curtians very romantic ones in ikea and they are so cheap try to keep your wall in white if you dont like it too white you can go for white grey or just paint one wall with purpul or navy blue and should be the wall behind the headboard if you have some silver ware – .

  3. in lightgreen or flowery pillows hand made from ikea rectancle ones with matching table lamp and you also need two arm chairs or a chaise lounge positioned at the end of the bed or near the window if you have got anice view. you need cupboard with nice wooden hangers from ikea and try to cover the side bed table with glass top or mirror to that will be really nice eith asmall clock on the side table with asmall tray with anice glass or flowery jug to keep some water and rose water to be con. .

  4. DC180 regarding your question you did tell me if the room is master bedroom or quest bedroom or children bedroom .for my guestroom I like the room to be very special perfect for spoiling afamily member or friend so to be in asafe side I go always for white color invesite on good quilty feather billows agood mattress and agood quilt crisp and luxurious white linen is aperfect choice. always use two bed in single 100by 200 0r130by200 depending on the size of the room nice silky cusion to be con.

  5. I am a designer my self the thing I dont like about this video is using materials on woods and the room is more to hotelroom not home

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